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hello guys, im building a pc so tell which core 2 xxxx model should i get i want to play games like gtaiv,bf3,ac3,csgo and plz dont tell me that dont get core 2 xxxx because its old generations processor because i live in a fucked up country and core i3,i5,i7 is so ******* over priced here and also plz tell me a good lowend gpu
sorry for my bad english.
thank you
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  1. Please take a look at the link below, fill out the template there and post back, with that information we can help you better. If i5/i7 etc are over priced maybe an AMD build would be worth a look at, if they are cheaper it will be a better alternative than going back to core 2.
  2. i agree with above poster, AMD is the ay to go for budget, i hate to say it because it sucks when you cant run something, core 2 models wont run games without terrible fps like AC3 or BF3
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