DVI-I or DVI-D confusion about interlaced

Hello, I am looking into buying 2 new monitors for a dual monitor setup from 1 video card. The video card has a DVI-D dual link and DVI-I dual link output on it. The monitors say DVI-D dual link only. From what I can tell DVI-I is the same but has an extra analog signal. The monitors are not easily returned (yes I'm speaking of the famous 27" korean monitors). So I would really like to be sure... Will a DVI-I dual link port with an adapter to DVI-D dual link send the video signal to the monitor (and still be capable of max resolution)?

Thanks a lot I really appreciate it!!

P.S. when I change the resolution to a setting that is higher numbers (a better setting) why do games look the same size but everything is sharper but in windows all the icons get smaller?
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  1. I didn't quite understand you question but you have got DVI-D and I mixed up.

    DVI-D is only digital and can only be connected to a digital input(DVI,HDMI etc) while DVI-I has an extra analog signal but you need a DVI to VGA adapter to use the analog signal.
  2. Thank you! I did reverse them. I will edit it now so future readers see it correctly
  3. Yo are good, you only have to worry when you want to run an analog screen from DVI-A or DVI -> VGA.

    DVI-I(dual link) is just DVI-D(dual link)+DVI-A so it has BOTH digital and analog.
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