Is XFX a good brand?

Is XFX a good brand? Some say they are fine, but I have heard a lot of stories saying that XFX limits overclocking potential. And the most complaints I've heard about XFX is their customer service and just their products itself.

I want to buy the cheapest 7850 possible, and I found this one:
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  1. Lifetime warranty on that one so it is a good choice.
    Most times with xfx you can tell the quality by the warranty
  2. Yes XFX is a good brand. I don't know what you mean by limits oc potential...nVidia doesn't want you to overclock their gtx 680's so nvidia has put the limit and not XFX

    you wont have any problems ocing the 7850
  3. XFX is a tier 1 or 2 unit on this list:

    As to XFX customer support, I can't say.

    A 7850 will need only a good 450w psu, but I might go a bit stronger.
    The psu will use only the wattage demanded of it, not it's max capacity.
  4. xfx customer support was 1c the best...before it started to go down.I have heard it has recovered a lot from their last downfall..but I an not sure by how much.
    still xfx is one of the best on doubt about that.

    coming to oc from all the vendors have the same potential...just a matter of cooling
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