High idle temps on i5 in mini itx

I've just finished putting together a master cool elite 120 case with an i5 3570k. When first turned on, idle temps spiked into the 60's. I opened the case up and found that one corner of my CPU fan wasn't secured enough. I fixed that and tidy up some wires to find that idle temps dropped 8-9 degrees to 51-52. When I run the system with the case open, I get temps in the high 40's.

I have changed the direction of the PSU intake fan to face the CPU instead of away from it, and found that it changes nothing. Besides that fan, every other fan (2) pushes air into the system.

I am beginning to think I may have to reapply the CPU heatsink, or would higher temps be indicative of an improper heatsink connection? Should I try pointing the side fan to blow out of the system? Thanks
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  1. i thought the front and side fans should be drawing in the air and the psu fan should be venting out of the top of the case.
    when u say the other two fans , do you mean just the front 120mm and side 80mm fans as i think u could add in another 120 fan inside beside the hard drive cage which would draw more air in from the front .
    are you using a stock cpu cooler or an after market one? that could improve things somewhat
  2. I'm using stock CPU cooler, and yes the 120 and 80 front and side fans are drawing in, and I have my PSU intake fan pulling air out from the case and blowing it out the back, albeit not as strong as the intake fans. I haven't set anything in the bios yet, but it looks like the dram voltage is 1.500V, is that too high?
  3. -use a aftermarket fan. the stock one wont cool very well no matter
    -itx is bound to have higher temps

    something low profile like this will do
  4. i used an arctic cooler freezer lp11 in my mini build running an i5 750

  5. You could build a PC in a shoe box and get lower temps? 40s 50s and 60s on idle thats way more than a case issue, when you say "I opened the case up and found that one corner of my CPU fan wasn't secured enough" did you remove the paste and reaply? I'd try reseating your heat sink with new paste.
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