New Build Stuck on Bios Screen!

Hey guys! I just want some help! I'm on my first build and after I finnished setting it up, I turned it on and got the Bios Screen, wich has options, like: F4 - Boot Setup and etc.

So, I tried to press on the keyboard, but nothing happens then, Still on the same screen!
And some weird thing are also happening, when I plug power to my psu, the computer turns on without pushing the power button, so i tried to reset my BIOS, don't know if I did it right or not, need some help from you guys!

Thanks a lot!

My Mobo: Intel DH67BL
PSU 850w 80+ Sentey
Memory: DDR3 1333
CPU: i5 3570
GPU: 7870 2GB Sapphire OC Edition
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  1. What is the bois version? Looks like it needs at least 0146 to work it the 3570k or 0150 with the non k.
  2. How can I discover the bios version?
  3. But as I said, when I press the correspondent Fkey to open Bios Setup, nothing happens.. Stills the same screen...
  4. Do you have the MOBO manual? It should say in there. But read this thread..

    Looks like you will have to update the bios to get ivy bridge to work with that board.
  5. I could be WAY off base here...but are you sure your keyboard is plugged in correctly?
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