New gaming pc build, need suggestions

Recently i had a problem with my graphics card. As it seems, its broken.
But my computer is already pretty old and so i decided to get a new one.

Unfortunately i dont know too much about what CPU works with which motherboard, or what graphics card is good enough to display which games on what settings.

So what i need is:
Graphics card
Power supply
(Cooler, Fan)

What i have:
I currently have 4gb DDR3 RAM which are working perfectly fine
I still have a hard drive which i would like to keep using
A dvd drive and a tower
Windows 7 premium

I know well enough how to put them together myself, i just dont know which ones are worth the price.

What i am looking for:
The pc does not need to be high-end. Ultra high graphics are second rank, but i would like to be able to play games like: SC2 or older (portal 2, orcs must die 1&2, etc) on medium - good settings.

I am ready to pay up to 600€ for all together.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Thank you very much for your help, but i think newegg doesn't ship to europe.
    But i'll look an see if i can find another store ( that ships to europe) where i can get the items for a reasonabel price.
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