Replacing graphics card and case

Hi guys - a quick few questions - I'm slightly unsure but I guess it will be pretty simple to you ;)

I'm using a regular desktop pc, made for office use. Yeah, it's specs are good but the case is ugly and the graphics card is a 6770 - I'm looking for a little more firepower in the 6870.

Question 1: My PSU is 400w. I'm assuming this is too low - so buying a new case complete with PSU, will it be a simple matter of transferring the circuitry straight over.

Question 2: I'm aware that going from a 6770 to a 6870 means I now need two power cables instead of one.

This: is the case and PSU I'm looking at.

Will it have these cables and the facility for it? I'm assuming it would?

If anyone spots any obvious problems, let me know.

Cheers :D
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  1. The power supply would worry me. I found another thread kind of going over the power supply that comes with the case. Normally you shouldn't go with cases that come with a power supply as they are never really all that great. I would suggest seeing if you can't possibly find that case without it and then purchase a PSU from something seasonic based corsair, xfx, antec, and seasonic. In terms of graphic cards the amount of power needed to run a 6870 would lead me to feel that going to a 7850 would be a more beneficial upgrade for your money.
  2. Thanks for the reply :)

    That does make sense. I know from experience that budget power supplies aren't often a good idea...

    As for the 7850, it looks like I'd be getting something like a 15% performance increase for an extra £30... not too bad, I suppose! :)

    I picked it out because of it being mentioned as a 'sweet spot' of price vs performance, since they recently reduced its price.

    Thanks for the advice! :D
  3. Yea I just wouldn't want to see you fry any hardware by powering up a POS power supply :D!

    Also, yea I the 7850 is a great mid range card at a good price so I think you are pretty solid there. It will blow your 6770 out of the water because technically all the 6770 is is a faster version of the 5770 nothing new in terms of a leap. Also your welcome you'll have a better experience with the 7850 then the 6870 take care!
  4. I live in the states I'm not sure what the conversion would be :X sorry
  5. I looked up the conversion because my answer wasn't good enough it amounts to 166 dollars which isn't bad considering most 7850's approach the 200 dollar mark.
  6. I see.

    Ok, so now I'm pondering whether to get that or go for the best I can afford and get a 7870, but that's irrelevant, you've helped me all you can XD

    Thanks for that.
  7. Well when you get to the 7870 range you can start looking at things like the 660 which is better then a 7850 but probably not as good as the 7870.
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