Ati 4870 artifacts and freeze in Games

Hello guys im a new one here to the community.I came here because im struggling with crashes when i play games.When i play games like Black Ops 2 or Skyrim,Mass Effect etc my computer crashes at the exact same screens and artifacts appear and then boom black screen so i have to reset from tower.For example in Mass effect 2 everytime i was on the galaxy map-->boom crash in Black Ops 2 most of times in create a class screen --->boom crash.Some other times crashes come randomly but most of times i know where they are going to happen.I would like to let you know that im running the latest graphic card's driver amd catalyst 12.6.So here is my system and is a bit old like 4 years ago or something:
Motherboard:Asus P5Q
Inter core 2 quad 2.6ghz
Saphire ati radeon 4870 512 MB
OS:Windows 7 64bit

PS:I have tried to clean the case with compressed air but the problem still exists
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  1. What make/model of power supply are you using? Also, how hot is your HD4870 getting while gaming?

    You are describing a typical heat and/or power issue.
  2. You can look at your temps through something like GPU-Z or MSI afterburner if you are unsure how to get to that point.
  3. hwmonitor running in the background will capture a history of average and high temps as well.
  4. Im using a Corsair 650W and GPU temp is around 69 C degrees
  5. You seem to have done all the tests you can(clean/temps/power all seem good), You may have to try it on another system, but it may just be failing.

    Sorry for the bad news.
  6. Should i buy a new one then ?
  7. If you were to purchase a card I would go up to a newer series card a AMD7000 series solution mid range card or nvidia 600 series mid range card due to your CPU now approaching dinosaur status.
  8. Would i get any benefit from a radeon 7850 or not ?
  9. From where you are yes you would a great deal. It would push your cpu to the limit however and if you had a new cpu you would have a faster experience.
  10. The 7850 would be an upgrade.

    if you are happy with the 4870's performance the 7770 should actually be a slight upgrade(near the same performance level overall), but if you want more the 7850 is faster for sure.
  11. Better late than never i bought finally yesterday an Ati HD 7770 1GB and still it has't crashed.So problem solved!
  12. Welcome to lower power use, less heat and a slightly(or better with some games) faster card :)
  13. Yeah maybe slightly better!I didnt want to spend more money because i couldnt be sure that the problem would fix so i didnt risk it besides i think i should upgrade the whole thing.Anyways im happy with this one at the moment. :)
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