Radeon hd4650 vista 64 drivers?????

Can anyone help please. I have a dell Opti-Plex 745 running Vista x64. I am having problems locating drivers for my card. It is acknowledging the PCIe slot is occupied but cannot locate drivers. Possibly a signature issue? I have tried numerous things to resolve this issue including all versions of Catilyst. I even fallowed a forum instructing me to reconfigure a generic driver, with no luck. My knowledge of computers is intermediate at best. Would greatly appreciate any support or info regarding this issue. Thanks in advance.
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  1. That's an interesting situation. Maybe the remnants of the old drivers are causing conflicts.
    You could try booting your system in safe mode and using a driver sweeper program to wipe all traces of any AMD driver files.
    After that, install the latest AMD driver for your model and see if that works out.

    P.S. Any idea what the Device Manager classifies your HD4650 as?
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