How to set up Internet sharing using a wireless card on desktops?

Before you think I'm an idiot and say turn on sharing read this first.

This is on my desktop. I have a wireless card to access the internet and I am trying to hook another desktop to the internet through my desktop.

1. Is this even possible? I know it is on laptops but what about desktops?

info: windows 7 x64 home premium

configuration, some may be obvious. the desktops are connected through Ethernet cord. The main rig has the wireless card already hooked to internet. Have turned on ICS sharing on the Ethernet connection on main rig, and nothing. There is no option for sharing on the wireless adapter. The second rig has no option to share the connection. The main rig has a static IP because of port forwarding (my gaming rig).

Both computers are set to share folders. Network discovery/file sharing set to "on".

After many searches on google and only finding how to turn on ICS (which I already knew how to do) I am left at an impasse. I am not a network geek so I am lost on what to do next.

any suggestion are appreciated


HardWare: main rig =

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965be @4.0Ghz
MB: ASRock A770DE+
RAM: 4GB Kingston HyperX T1 series PC2-8500
Wireless Adapter: Rosewill N300X PCI
HDD's 1 OCZ Vertex 3 60GB sata 3 SSD boot drive, 1 Hitachi Deskstar 500GB sata 2 storage drive.
PSU: Antec EA650
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5770

HardWare: Second rig =

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 @3.0Ghz
MB: ASRock A785GM-LE
RAM: 4GB PNY PC2-6400
HDD: Seagate Baricuda 1TB sata 2 boot & storage
PSU: Raidmax RX-530SS
GPU: Nvidia 9800GTX+
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  1. Yes you can do it several ways. One is to use ICS and another is to setup a network bridge between the wired and wireless adapters , and this requires that you turn off the ICS selection.

    If you use a bridge you need to use security so that your shared files are not accessible from the Internet.

    With ICS you should be able to use either a direct or crossover cable as your Ethernet ports should support auto MDI/MDIX. You will have to configure your other machines to automatically get an IP address ICS. HERE is a step by step on using ICS. Note that you can turn sharing on for the wireless network by selecting the manage wireless networks choice in the network control panel, select the network, then click the adapter properties on the grey bar above and then sharing tab.
  2. thanks for your help. i did get it to work but i do have a question.

    Q: when you said you need to use security in the bridge config what were you referring to? is it something i can just turn on in the PC or do i just need like an anti virus type thing?

    I was able to get internet to machine 2 using the bridge. I didn't know that was possible so thanks.
  3. Once you use a software bridge you should treat your network like a public network. I was referring to using Windows passwords for file sharing at a minimum for network security (you also might want to keep sharing disabled on drives and only turn it on when needed), but you should also routinely use an antivirus like the free MIRCOSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS.
  4. thank you for your quick response. I do install MSE on all my builds. I just needed to access the net for updates and driver downloads for the new build. I am building it for my mother so I want to hand it to her all updated and ready to go.

    I will make sure all the sharing is turned off while I set it all up.

    Thanks again

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