VGA connector only getting blues and greens

I recently got a second monitor for my new computer and I have it connected via VGA cord to my intel HD 4000 port for the 3570K and ive ony been getting greens and blues and no reds on the second display and was wondering why and if there was anything I could about it. Also I have my first display hooked up to a 7870 so am not using the IGP for both
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    Sounds like broken or damaged pins to me. However, lets narrow it down. If you hook up the VGA to your primary monitor, does it act the same way? Or if you hook up your 7870 to the secondary monitor, do you have the same problem? Also, and this might sound silly, but check the display settings on the second monitor. Its possible it lets you adjust the RGB settings and perhaps red is set to zero.
  2. either your vga cable is gone or its your vga plug.
    change your input cable and see.
  3. I get the same thing hooking up the second to my 7870 but I have to use a DVI to VGA adapter because my card doesnt have a VGA port and i tried the VGA cord on my main display and got the same issue but the cord should be fine as I bought it today
  4. Nvm it was the cord just got a new one and it works great now thanks :D
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