HD 7770 vs HD 7850 at 1680x1050

I am looking to build a budget gaming PC here is the build so far (ignore the 7850)


I already have a chassis, monitor, os, HDD, and optical drive.

I am looking to play games like Bioshock, Battlefield 3, and Guild Wars 2. I want to play at settings that are a mix of Ultra/high/ and some medium if necessary. I'm basically wondering if the 7850 is even worth the price jump at these resolutions.
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  1. if you have the money just get the 7850 if not just get the 7770 for that resolution if you want to save some money
  2. 7850
  3. 7850 is WAY better then then the 7770, it is definitely worth the extra money
  4. The Radeon HD 7770 will give you good performance on 1600x900. However, the Radeon HD 7850 will provide even better performance and it will be a little while longer before you will feel the need to upgrade.
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