What's a desktop that has a DVI port and can support openGL?

Heyo. So my stepdad is wanting a computer (desktop or laptop) to use for his Cintiq 24 inch HD touch tablet by Wacom for drawing and stuff, and Wacom says that it requires that the computer has a graphics card that can support openGL and has a DVI port. He also says that the CPU needs to be kind of powerful, as he intends on doing 3d rendering and animation and junk. Does anyone know any suggestions for something like that?

Edit: Also sorry if this is the wrong section, it seemed kind of like the right place what with the graphics card and openGL thing.
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  1. All modern GPUs can support openGL...

    you looking for a pre-built? price range? and what is he doing with it other than just drawing/editing/etc...
  2. Yeah prebuilt, he doesn't want to deal with making one. I think he wants it to be <=800ish, but I think he'll go up to a grand. And uh, he doesn't play games or anything, so other than that he'd just, you know. Check his email, youtube, etc.
  3. is this including the monitor/keyboard/etc?
  4. No, just the rig itself. I have a few spare keyboards and stuff that he could use.
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