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Hey everybody, I've got some funds coming in and I figure I could do some upgrades to my PC, and I'm looking for a few recommendations. Originally I had figured I had a defective hard drive which has turned out to be false, and it is actually my power supply (Corsair TX650v2). Any time it gets enough load on it and the fan turns on it is incredibly loud, so I need to get it replaced. A little bit of a problem is I need my PC, and I cannot have it inactive for a week or two while I wait for a replacement unit. I'd like to replace the TX650 with something modular because my right side panel is a pain in the behind to close. I'm not sure if Corsair will replace it or refund me. What are some good modular units I could purchase?

Also, I'd like to add some more fans and possibly purchase a new heatsink. Currently, I've got the three stock NZXT Fans from my case, and the white LED fan on my heatsink. I'd like to replace these with quiet yet effective fans that would have no issues with the phantom's fan controller. I'd also like to add a closed loop water cooler to my system, I just need to know which one would be best for my i7-3770k. besides fans and a heatsink, I'd like to add case lighting, not sure who makes the best case lighting products.
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  1. If the PSU is under warranty and it is indeed defective, they can probably fix it or replace it for you, but i don't think they will refund it (you'll have to go where you bought it to do that if you still have time). Take a look at newegg for modular PSU's, it will all depend on what your build is to see how much power you require, don't forget to look at specs like the 12V rail(s) and Amp levels on it to work well with your GPU. Brands with "good" name include Seasonic, Corsair, etc. But of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it's full-proof.

    For case lighting, are you looking at to have it glow a lot? or just slightly. It'd be pretty easy just to get LED case fans, put them on your side panel, front, exhausts, and heatsinks to add more color rather than add cathodes or something. The stock antec tricool fans that came with my case are decent and relatively quiet (a little whisper of a sound), and the blue LEDs are OK bright (not going to light up the room, but still very noticeable), and lit up the inside of my case with just 1 LED fan until i covered it with the radiator on my H50.

    Good closed loop system? There are a good amount, a lot of people like using the Corsair H-series (i've been using the H50 and it works quite well for a small OC). If you want to step it up, you can go for the H70/80/100i to get better cooling, just make sure your case is compatible and do a push/pull config to get the best performance (when i added a 2nd fan to my radiator, temps dropped at least 3-5C idle, and 10C+ load)
  2. I don't really want to use the TX650v2 again just because my side panel hardly closes now, I'm thinking about upgrading to a Seasonic M12II 620. It was recommended to send my PSU into corsair, buy the other PSU and then keep the new one in the package, unopened.

    For case lighting I need something I can have full control over, Like a NZXT Hue. I have an incredibly hard time sleeping with my PC on because of the LEDs so I'd like to be able to turn them off.

    I've currently got a Xigmatek Dark Knight II on my rig, not that its a bad cooler I'd just rather use a Water cooler. My CPU is still at stock clock too.
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