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Suggest a new MOBO and CPU for me.

I own this current setup:

GIGABYTE GTX 670 OC wind force 3
700w stealth quiet 2 PSU
8gb corsair vengeance series ram
1090T Black OC to 3.8ghz
128GB SSD vertex 4

I realize my 1090T is bottle becking me and my motherboard is out of date somewhat now. I was thinking of getting the asrock 4 and i5 3570 but im tryign to save money and go cheaper aka bang for buck but that mobo and that cpu seem to be my best options any suggestion is appreciated! and I may get SLI for my GTX 670 in the future.
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    You could save a few bucks by getting a lesser clocked i5 and H77. If you really are going to run SLI in the future you will need a z77 that supports SLI. However, do you really think you are going to run a 2nd card? Typically people that run SLI get both cards at the same card. If you are thinking down the road you are usually better off selling your card and getting the new gen card. Unless you get another gtx670 at a cheap price that makes it attractive.

    I personally think your system is fine the way it is. I'd save your pennies and wait for the next gen Intels to come out and get that. Haswell is supposed to be a good leap in performance over the ivy bridge.
  2. I just want more performance really out of my 1090T. At 3.8ghz it's running very well for pretty much any FPS. Though, with big name RTS games coming out like Rome total war 2 I'm worried I won't be able to run it at to high of settings. Any idea on how I can push my 1090T to 4ghz + without it crashing?

    My idle temp is 34c at the moment. When gaming it flies up to 55c and maybe more. Even with my 212+ which I may need to re apply thermal paste to and maybe get a second fan for it?
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