660ti 3GBx2 vs 7950x2 for 3 monitor setup

Ahoy all, I'm looking to build a 3-monitor (1080p), dual graphics card beast of a gaming rig sometime in the first half of this year.

I've decided that I don't want to mess around with the 670 and 680, or the 7970...paying more than 300 dollars for a graphics card is not fun, especially because I plan on getting two.

I've seen comparisons of 660ti and 7950s before, but I haven't seen this specific comparison: 2 660tis, 3Gb edition, vs 2 7950s in a 3-monitor configuration.

What do y'all think? Right now they cost about the same, and I'm really, really hoping that they get even cheaper when both AMD and Nvidia announce their new GPU lines.
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  1. I would go with the 7950s but make sure they are overclocked and you have the new beta drivers installed. They will generally outperform the 660ti's if they are oc'd and with the new drivers.

    http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p520/sanjaysaini365/0bf282b1.png (Tom's gpu hierarchy chart)
  2. Right, but see, the 660tis come OCd already (and can be upped even further according to articles I've read). So is 660ti OC still not even as good as 7950 no OC?

    Also, that chart is misleading because the resolution is lower than what I will be doing and the chart is using the stock 660ti, not the 3GB edition.
  3. 2 times gtx 660ti cheaper, and just as good,
  4. Well, normally I'd say 2 7950's OC'd beats 2 660ti's OC'd, but if they're factory OC'd, that probably (but not definitely) means their PCB's are better than other 660ti's (which is why they were picked to be factory OC'd in the first place). Get the 2 660ti's then. They'll use less power and produce less heat in the process.
  5. So in this case the whole single monitor = get Nvidia, multimonitor = get AMD doesn't count for much?

    I swear I get such conflicting information on the internet haha
  6. well the 7950 is more expensive than the gtx 660ti and not faster only u overclock it heavily and even than, its still close battle.

    get the gtx 660ti 2 gig :)
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