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I am looking at buying a graphics card for 200-250 dollars. My processor is a i7 3770k. The card can be amd or nvidia just whatever you think is the best. I play many genres of games and this mostly a gaming computer.
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  1. If you can save up to 300 I would get a Msi 660ti, if not try a 7850 or 7870! The 78xx series is know to have issues so I am just warning you now. You can also get the Gtx 660, but it will perform less then all of these!
  2. Could you please give me a link or at least a brand please.
  3. I'd get a 660 ti, it's better than the 7870, and offers a better game(AC3), this card is the best within the price range :
  4. well I have a 7870 and I can say with an OC to 1200MHZ on the core clock this thing is a beast. It nearly matches the 660ti and in some cases passes it or matches it.
  5. If i were to save up the extra money for the msi 660 ti or maybe a 7950 would it be worth the extra and how do they compare to each other? I am also looking into something that will last a long time and im thinking in the future of doing crossfire so something that can do this well.
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