GTX 650 for Gaming

Hello, I am planning on getting a graphics card for medium amounts of gaming. My resolution is 1600x900. Processor: Phenom 2 dual core@3.5GHz. 500w psu. 12 gigs of memory. Currently have an integrated AMD Radeon HD 4200. (Bad, I know.) And I know that for around $110 this card is overpriced. But... what about for $90? I need a card for under $100, if you have any other recommendations.

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  1. for ur current system should be fine, anything more would be bottlenecked by ur cpu, and ud need to upgrade ur whole plateform, 650 seems alright.
  2. Alright. Thanks. I figured that this would be the best card for under $100, as I read benchmarks that this model outperforms the 7750. Would love to have the 7770, but a bit too highly priced. lol
  3. ok goodluck mate with your new card
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