Display is screwed up

Please help, when i built my computer and launched it up the monitor had black bars around the screen, like a letterbox, i thought it was just cause the drivers weren't installed but when i installed them it was still the same, i've tried changing resolution and stuff but it won't work.

Any idea whats wrong? Thanks for checking it out
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  1. Yes, I had the same issue recently and this advice sorted it out for me:

    "To fix your issue with the black borders follow this:

    1) Right click on the Desktop or the programs tabs in the start menu and open Catalyst Control Center

    2) Switch to Advanced mode if you are not there already
    3) Click dropdown menu Graphics in the top right
    4) Select Desktops and Displays
    5) Right Click your currently activated display under `Please Select a Display' on the bottom right
    6) Select Configure
    7) Click on the Scaling Options tab and your there
    8) Now, just move the scale to the right (overscan) until you get full screen (in most peoples cases, it was 0%)

    Also for reference see here:

  2. this would help if you are using hdmi....what are your system specs?
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