16x/4x crossfire, big performance hit?

I have this board :

I got it in a combo deal for 30 bucks packaged with a 2500k (total price was 215.00) last august at microcenter.

I remember when i bought it i saw a review on this website showing scaling differences with crossfire on 16x/4x boards and it was negligible (just a few FPS). Ive tried finding that review but i cannot.

Does anyone know if that review got deleted?
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  1. I never intended to go crossfire with the board btw, IE didnt purpose build for it. But now i think i am going to try 7850's in crossfire because my PSU can handle them.

    I did a yahoo search and could only find forum posts about 16x/4x VS 8x/8x but no reviews.
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