Hitman Absolution use 50% gpu in medium but 100 in ultra


I just benchmark hitman on ultra setting and gives me 25 as an avg. So i lowered setting to medium to increase frame. Its gives 29 as an avg. and 34max fps. But gpu use only 50%. Looks like bottleneck.

But the strange thing is ultra setting use 99% and high setting also use nearly 95%. But medium to lowest setting use only 50% gpu capacity. Fps is around 29-32. Check it via gpu-z.

I dont get it. Cpu is Fx-4100 and gpu is HD6770. Its not look like bottleneck to me. Anyone benchmark with lower setting, please let me know the gpu usage and fps of Hitman. V-sync is disable.

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  1. Bottleneck switches from GPU to CPU as you lower the settings. Running at low/medium setting does not require all the GPU's processing power, hence the utilization drops. The fact that it runs at 99% on Ultra means the card is going as fast as it can.

    Can you check CPU utilization as well?
  2. Cpu usage is 90% or more in all setting. Why would cpu slowdown gpu at lower setting while increase only 5/6 frames?

    6770 is so much powerful for a fx-4100.
  3. @BigMack70, you sounds right. But i didnt think a fx-4100 is that bad for cpu intensive games paired with a HD6770.
  4. looks like u shoulda gone w/ Intel
  5. BigMack70 said:
    It does look like ~30-35 fps may be the most you're going to get out of a 4170, regardless of settings.

    Pitiful. With a FX4100, that's going to be like 26 or so.
  6. FX-4100 is pretty bad. You can change that to pretty ok by overclocking though, and that's what I suggest you do.
  7. Yeah, Hitman Absolution is a very CPU heavy game. You pretty much have to have a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge CPU to stay above 30 FPS in some sections with all settings turned on.

    All you can do aside from switching to Intel is try overclocking that FX to try and alleviate the CPU bottleneck. Even then, I wouldn't hold out much hope. The only thing you have going for you is Hitman Absolution is multithreaded at least, so it can use your entire CPU unlike some other games *cough* Assassin's Creed 3 *cough*.
  8. BigMack70 said:
    I wouldn't have thought so either... though I have heard that game is rough on CPUs.

    What resolution are you playing at?

    Only at 1366x768 res.

    I just bought it for better apps use and multitasking. But never thought its too bad for a old HD6770(5770). Who knows it will bottleneck a 6770 @low res and low setting. Crappy cpu.
  9. Is there a demo available for Hitman Absolution? I have the same graphics card(6770), but an FX-6100 cpu and I wanted to see if the 2 extra cores made a difference.
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