Second GTX 670 Making no Difference?

I recently picked up a second 670 for SLI, and im not seeing any real difference in performance in games like arma ( i know :P ) , BF3, COD BO II, Crysis 2, planetside 2, diablo 3, and a whole slew of other games that probably dont support SLI. Also, im gaming at 1080p, is that why?

im thinking about selling the second GPU to invest in a second PC to be my encoding workhorse for Streaming, which i already have a Avermedia live gamer HD card for, which made a big difference on performance while playing/streaming, but i dont think its quite there... idk, any guidance ? lol
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  1. i have the same problem. the gpu usage in games seems low, only benchmarks push the gpus to their max potentail. i game at 1080p 120 hz
  2. Same same... Benchmarks are the only place where i was like... damn. definitely scaled 1:1 in unigine.
  3. CPU/PSU?
  4. i7 3770k @ 4.4, Corsair TX750
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