Will my Rig be future proof?

Will my Rig be future proof?
i have ordered my i5 core 3rd generation
it will include

6gb ddr3 ram
1tb hard drive
and the choice they gave me is i5 2500k or i5 3450k
well pretty much confused.
which is more future proof i5 2500k or i5 3450k?
sorry if i entered wrong section but i also wanna ask which will give me more gaming performance as i am buying totally for gaming :8
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  1. i am sure it is 3570K

    yes it will be future proof until haswell intel come
  2. Well it depends on what graphics card you've got, pretty important detail :-)
  3. well graphic cards could be changed and i will buy after wards but right now tell me 3450k or 2500k? for gaming?
  4. Either. Like Mr Radeon says, it's either a 3570K or a 3450. Doesn't matter which unless you're overclocking, in which case you want the former.
  5. i want for gaming so 3450 or 2500k?
  6. i dont wanna overclock either nor i can
  7. the "K" has more potential for OC, so it more future proof (altho nothing really is).
    the good thing about unlocked is you can OC it if you feel that it is already showing its age, or just OC it on the get go.

    yes GPU's can be changed, but so is the processor and all other parts :)
  8. There is no Intel 3450K that I am awere of. There is a normal (multiplier locked) 3450 however.

    If you plan on overclocking, get the 2500K (just note that it is 2nd gen, not 3rd gen). It is also a great gaming CPU.

    The 3450 is 3rd gen, but with lower clock speeds and it isn't overclockable.
  9. 3450 will be fine then. If it's the option they meant. It really doesn't matter which you choose though, they're near enough identical. If price is the same, take the 3xxx model.
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