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so yes, I'm putting together an AMD CPU build. I find that their high core counts make stellar jobs of all the video editing programs I run, and do a decent enough job running the games whose footage I edit. so yeah. I'm looking to put together a new build (completely from scratch) using an FX 6300 or 8320/50 with a 7950 for under a thousand dollars, preferably under 900. This includes an operating system (OEM windows) I plan on buying it all from amazon cause I've already got a prime account with them, I might as well use it.

so yeah. thoughts?

(on the CPU bit, if there is an intel cpu for under 200 dollars that I can stream, capture, and play all at the same time with, great. I'll consider it. but I don't think there's anything below the 225 dollar price point I would consider.)

I'm going with a 7950 instead of a 7870 or a 7870 tahiti for the free crysis 3 copy. that 60 dollars right there makes it worthwhile.

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