Asus 2GB GTX 680 DirectCU II Vs MSI 680 Lightning

I'll be gaming on a single monitor (1920x1080), possibly dual in the future. So which would be better for me the DirectCU or the Lightning. My other specs are; i7-3770k@4.8Ghz, Asus Sabertooth Z77, 16Gb of Ram.

The Asus

The Lightning

Price isn't really an issue. I'm here for performance.

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  1. i love asus directCU personally :)
  2. Rather compare these two, since they are closer in price than those you mentioned:



    I could find reviews for both cards on the same website, so it is easy to compare the two:,1.html,1.html

    The MSI runs slightly cooler and quieter, while the Asus is slightly faster, but there isn't really anything between the two. The Asus is 10 pounds cheaper on Amazon though, so I would suggest going with the Asus card.
  3. the msi 680 lightening undoubtedly
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