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i am a new comer. i have bought a new pc last month. My specs are- intel core i5 3450 @ 3.1 ghz
asus p8h61 m lx3 motherbrd
8 gb 1333mhz ram
asus nvidia engt210 512mb graphics card
iball baby 315 micro atx cabinet and
iball XPES-251 > 251 watts psu

I am not specified with my gpu bcoz i want to playgames lke nfs most wanted 2, gta4, nfs the run, splinter cell conviction etc at 1280x768 res. at med to high settings. 1024x768 will also work. i am searching for a good gpu which can give me a suitable fps min 30. i found zotac gt630 synergy 1gb ddr3 gpu. is it good for me? If not, Please suggest me a graphics card ranging rs.4000 to rs.4500. thanks in advance.
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  1. Due to your watts I would look into changing that out first. I wouldn't feel secure placing a new card within your case. Because you are currently looking at cards that that only drive power from the slot which aren't a value to begin with as you pay 70% of what it takes to get something good. Also, even with something like a 630 you would have a real hard load on your power supply. You shouldn't have your Power supply stressed to its limits for a extended period of time. I'm not sure if that answers your question but I would go with a new power supply and then re look at what you can spend on a graphics card. Anything less then a 7770 or 650 is probably something that you shouldn't be investing your money in.
  2. Gt 630 is not good. Get hd 6670 at rs 4700 at flipkart.com.it can fulfill your needs at 1280*720p gaming.
  3. He has 250 watts any graphics card at this point is a bad value. CPU is great though man :)
  4. thanks big shooter....
    so of which xxx watts psu i should buy
  5. You need to upgrade psu before getting hd 6670
  6. is radeon is better than nvidia? if it is,
    ashish give me the link of this gpu
  7. I would get something in the 550w range and the power supply I take it would have to be small. Would you by chance be able to take a picture of the inside of your case around the power supply unit I just want to see if I can help you size wise.
  8. so what psu i should buy
  9. Cards aren't that simple it isn't a matter of nvidia versus amd. with both chip makers there are different price points where a card would be the more favorable solution. But it also depends on what one does. You sir could go with either and be just fine.
  10. Also so I don't confuse you here: you have a ITX solution which means you may or may not have room for a standard Power Supply which is why I asked for a little more.
  11. First lets figure out what will fit in his case. He has a ITX case by a company I don't recognize I take it they are PC builders.
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