OI Annoyance's with finalizing my rig!!!

Lol so djanjo has been amazingly helpful so far with my builds, but today I found out ncix doesn't accept prepaid/gift card visa's so the i5 3570k, 8gb of ram, and 1tb hdd, and 550w psu I was going to get are now to be found elsewhere :\ but within my budget of the prepaid cards (the annoying part! lol)

I *think* I've got a reasonable solution so far... but not sure if it can be done better, please do tell me if I can do anything better! (will also update with the rest of the ordered parts as soon as I get this posted!)


cpu/ram combo =

that totals 313 after the 15% psu promo, without the warranties (6$ & 26$ psu/cpu), not sure if I should get that or not yet seeing as it is my first build I am leaning towards doing them

Now where the problem's start.

Prepaid card #1 = 376.51$
Prepaid card #2 = 62.67$
and for the lolz prepaid card #3 = 2$ haha

Can I fit at least a 1tb hdd in here? (also only using amazon/newegg unless you know for sure they accept the prepaid/gift card visas because I've already lost a cpl days now because of that :\)

While I set up the links to each part, here is the past thread so you know mostly what I went for!

P.S. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help!
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  1. smorizio said:

    I appreciate the reply but what exactly makes that power supply better? After the promo code the other is 10$ cheaper before the mail in rebate (which I've heard depending on the product can take monthsss with newegg haha), if it is more reliable or safer by all means I'll go for it, just would like to understand the choice :D, and of those 3 only one of the hdd's had reasonable reviews so I will keep that one in mind for now!

    my biggest questions are psu and is the i5/ram combo a good deal? I've seen good ram sold @ 30-40# (which is less than that bundle ish) but the only one I know of that is reliable is out of stock :\
  2. also if it is any help, newegg estimated my wattage at 522w, not sure if this 530 would be enough, would I have room to overclock at all? or would I be better trying to get a 550w or similar... gah I hate being a newby!
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    The raidmax psu is poor quality

    only use 80+ bronze or better rated power supplies
  4. Outlander_04 said:
    The raidmax psu is poor quality

    only use 80+ bronze or better rated power supplies

    ahh gotcha, well that eliminates the cheaper one, now the problem of is the 500w enough?

    running z75 mobo, 7950 gpu, 8gb ram, i5 3570k, and i'd like to be able to overclock but at this point i just want to get the computer together :\
  5. you need a z77 mobo to overclock
  6. thanks for the help, I just found a psu on sale that looked much better after I finished purchasing that suggested one lol, but ah well!

    otherwise I bought the rest of the stuff as I stated in OP, except the hdd found a decent sale on a 1tb 32mb 7200
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