Which card is better?

I have a cm5571 with Intel Pentium E5400 / 2.7 GHz dual core 64 bit windows 7. 6gb ram. 600w psu

i have two cards at the house. A PNY Geforce GT610 1gb(currently installed)

and a EVGA Geforce GTX 7800 256mb card.

Aside from the difference in memory which card would perform better?
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  1. According to this website:


    The GT610 should be faster.

    But since you have both, you could just swap them out and run a benchmark or two. You should be able to see quickly which is better.
  2. both card are very bad for gaming.whats your budget?
  3. I have no intentions on spending any money. I have those and will suffice with either until I get around to building a better pc. Was just wondering if the GTX 7800 would be any better. I currently play GTA 4 on the GT610. Settings are on low and its a little choppy from time to time but nothing I cant cope with.
  4. the gt610 is better
  5. I agree with with Youngster. The GT610 is faster.
    Could look into a minor overclock to see if it makes games any more bearable?
  6. hmmmmmm ill look into it
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