2 X 7970's or 1 X GTX 690

Which would perform better?

2 x 7970's


1 x GTX 690

On a single monitor as well as a dual monitor set up? I cant decide if i want a single or dual monitor set up

The monitor will be 2560 X 1440 res and 24" 2ms preferably as well as 120hz.

Which Graphics card would work best for my set up if i were to use either a single monitor, or a dual monitor set up?

**Also what is the difference between the 7970 and the 7970Ghz edition?**
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  1. vote for 2x 7970 :)

    690 only has 2gb actual memory
  2. What would performance difference be between the 7970 and 7970 ghz edition, and difference between 3gb and 6gb?
  3. Is that a single 7970 or 2 of them?
  4. the top card in that list i believe is actually a 7990, HIS calling their version a 7970 X2.

    is says 'Dual-GPU' on the third line.
  5. I'd go with the 690, just for simplicity sake. The performance of the two GHe 7970s will outperform it by around 5 to 10 % but at that level, you will not really notice a difference.
  6. The GHz edition cards have higher base cpu clock speeds, so they are faster.
    I would say 2 x 7970's would be better. GHz edition one's even more so, but that might work out to be more expensive than 1 GTX690.
  7. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/588?vs=586

    This should give you a nice representation of the performance disparity between your two options.
  8. I am not too worried about the initial cost, if its 100$ more than a 690 if they perform better, but for power consumption i have heard that the AMD cards are HORRIBLE on that and can cause a big power bill which would make it not worth it in the long haul.

    So the 7970 is a single card, dual GPU, just like the 690? Ok that makes sense.

    In the benchmarks it didnt look like it was 5-10% it appeared to be a lot more in comparison in most tests, but is Micro stuttering a big deal in these cards? I have heard AMD's cards are much more prone to micro stuttering and that is a big draw back to me.
  9. Have you had any problems with the 2 x 7970's in your computer Bigmack? Does the noise annoy you? Do you have heat / power draw problems, like high power bill due to it? OR is there major micro stuttering or do you notice it?

    Do the cards work for you?
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