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Hey guys, I'm looking to do some upgrades on my computer over the next month or so. What would you all suggest to get the most bang for my buck? I use the rig primarily as a gaming pc and mostly to play Skyrim. I'm looking to spend as much as $600.


Nvidia GForce GTX 285
AMD Pheonom II X4 940 3.0ghz
4 gig ram
Windows 8 64x
600gig hard drive

Sort of a noob here. I don't remember what my PSU or Mobo is and can't figure out how to get that information. Do I just need to open up the case? Thanks.
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  1. Well you could add like 4gb more ram and get a new video card such as gtx 670 thats like $400 total then you could add a solid state disk to make computer boot faster etc as primary drive depending on size usually 256gb one is like $200 gtx 285 should have smiliar power requirements as 670 so all should fit fine.
  2. I think anything more than a HD 7850 might just bottleneck to be honest.

    I'd just keep the HDD, RAM and OS and build a new system. You can probably salvage the case and possibly the PSU as well, what are they?
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