I5 vs i7 for HD Video Editing

I am looking at 3 laptops for my wife. She will do some holiday video editing in HD, just wanted to know which is best for this job, specs below. The first and the last one are the same price and the one in the middle is 100 euros more.

Acer Aspire V3-771G-53234G75MAKK
Intel Core i5-3230M à 2,60 GHz
Carte graphique Nvidia GeForce GT 710M à 1 Go DDR3 dédiés

Acer V3-771G-736B4G75MAKK
Processeur Intel Core i7-3630QM à 2,4 GHz
Carte graphique Nvidia GeForce GT 640M à 2 Go DDR3 dédiés

ACER Aspire V3-571-73634G50Makk
Intel® Core™ i7-3632QMFreq.&M.Cache6Mo L3 cache, 2.20GHzTurbo BoostJusqu’à 3,20GHzChipsetIntel® HM77 Expres
Intel® HD Graphics

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  1. Well, your looking at the difference between a dual core with Hyperthreading and a Quad Core with Hyperthreading.
    The i7 will perform better for what your after, it has more cores and more threads. The relative difference between them im not sure, will have to look up reviews on that.
  2. The difference should be quite signifciant in a well threaded task like video editing/encoding.

  3. Thanks for the responses.
  4. Hi,

    Opted for the higher spec i7. Does anybody know of a workaround to get wifi connected, since in Windows 8 the share connection option has been removed.
  5. should be able to select your wi-fi network straight up.
  6. You can select it but it does not work. In former version of windows you had to select shared network, but MSFT have removed this option in Windows 8. I use WEP for internet, rather than WPA or WPA2.
  7. http://www.lockergnome.com/windows/2012/11/01/how-to-connect-to-a-wi-fi-network-in-windows-8/

    Highly recommend dumping WEP if at all possible and going to WPA2. WEP is not much better than none at all.
  8. Thanks. I may use my ISP router for wifi rather than the separate one I have always used, that has WPA2, just means I need to change the whole house over to it, in order to keep the network or is possible to have the computer on a different router in the same network?
  9. Sure you can run them both but would think the WEP would still be an easy back door into the rest of the now-more-secure network.
  10. Thanks for all the advice, I will see how I get on adding the new laptop to the WPA network then take it from there.
  11. I would go for WPA as well, WEP is way too insecrure
  12. Thanks everybody. Changed a couple of computers over to WPA. Much easier than I remember (they moved the button to a more accessible place since I last did it!). So all is good. Now just to get to grips with Windows 8.
  13. Great thanks!!
  14. of course you choose the i7!they were first build as rendering the high priority!i5 are mostly for gaming so go i would pick the i7!
  15. Back again!! BSOD now on the new computer. Having Googled it seems it is down to Avast. Since we already roll back once and had to reinstall everything again yesterday, I was wondering if there was any way of just uninstalling Avast if I cannot get on to the system itself, or do I need to start again?
  16. You can try entering system recovery options on boot up using the installation disk and roll back to a earlier system restore point
  17. I will give that a try. A fried also suggested starting in safe mode and unistalling Avast that way, so will see.
  18. Hi Again,

    Well thought I had the system sorted. However, the laptop insists on using the onboard intel graphics rather than the nvidia gt640M graphics card that came installed on the laptop. I have just restored the system to factory default, but still have the same problem. Please help.

    Having read some more, I am not sure that is the problem. The computer spec say the max resolution is 1600X900, but dues to the size of the monitor (17 inch) windows 8 say the resolution should be higher. Looking at the screen the picture quality is poor and you can see vertical lines where the picture is made up. Any ideas? I have update the driver for the intel onboard graphics.
  19. there should be a setting in the BIOS where you can force the discrete card
  20. I had read this was not the case on new computers? I am not sure the issue is with the graphics card or something else now?
  21. Hi again,

    Well the Acer has been a disaster from start to finish. So now back in the market. Will an i5 cut it with video editing. Looking at the following 4 laptops now

    HP Pavilion g6-2316sf
    HP ENVY m6-1261 699
  22. laptop i5s are all dual-core, 4 thread processors, not quads.

    I'd recommend an i7 for any video editing. Or an A10 if you want to lower price
  23. +1 to the above.
    Laptops in general are not ideal for this kind of work, low power chips and slow HDD's arent good for editing performance. If you can get away with it, suggest you go for a desktop.
  24. I want to note that the i5, is a laptop version. It is not quad core like the desktop version. It is basically an i3, its dual core with hyperthreading.
  25. Thanks for your advice.
  26. Hi Again,

    So after my buying disaster of the Acer i7 laptop I am now looking at a HP Laptop, since they are currently running an offer. A friend told me that HP laptops are prone to overheating and having issues with video, but wanted to get other opinions on this. I am looking at the following machine

    HP Envy DV6
    Intel Core i7-3610QM : 2,3 GHz / Turboboost jusqu'à 3,3 GHz / 4 coeurs / Hyper-threading / 6 Mo de mémoire cache / Contrôleur graphique Intel HD Graphics 4000 intégré (650 MHz)
    NVIDIA GeForce GT635M
    750 GB HDD
    4GB DDR3

    What are your opinions.
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