System keeps powering off after a few seconds.

I just finished hooking up all cables to the motherboard and all components. Also made sure to hook up both the 8 pin and 24 pin. When I power on to test the system powers on, and about 5 seconds later powers off. If I flip the power switch or unplug and replug the power cable it works again, but only for a few seconds.

Could it be the power supply? Or something I did not connect right? What should I be looking for.

Psu: thermaltake tr2 600w
Motherboard: asrock z77 pro4
Cpu: i5 3570k
Gpu: sapphire 7870 xt
Case: thermaltake v3 black edition
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  1. Complete the trouble shooting steps in the link below and see if you get anywhere.
  2. read manual and watch the diagrams clearly . this help u better.
  3. Followed the guide, and uninstalled everything except the cpu, cpu fan, and with and without only 1 stick of ram. No luck. No beep or anything. Also it will not succesfully power up still unless I wait in few minute intervals. Still when it does it only lasts a few seconds still.
  4. Don't recall if it mentions it in the trouble shooting although I'm sure it does, did you install the mobo stand offs?

    do you have a case speaker(little speaker that connects to mobo)?

    its possible you have a doa component.
  5. Okay. I removed the motherboard now. Have everything layed out.

    Motherboard has only the cpu, cpu fan, 24 pin power, 8 pin power, and the case speaker plugged in. Nothing else. No power at all.

    However, if I plug in the little 2 pin case power button plug, it powers on. But again, just for a few seconds.

    Trying to work backwards to see what it is, and getting nowhere.

    Double checked the cpu, and no pins bent. Thermal paste is applied evenly with no spillage.
    Motherboard looks fine.
    The cpu and psu fans both spin when there IS power.
  6. Did the paperclip test, and the psu is inded fine.
  7. Did you remove the little bit of plastic that covers the heatsink?

    my guessed would be

    cpu is getting too hot and shutting down
    psu is not supplying enough power/possibly faulty
    one of the components likely mobo is doa
  8. Sorry for not getting back to this. It was indeed the motherboard. I did not spot it, but there was a bent pin. Was not my fault either as I was extremely careful. Think it just shipped this way.

    anyway, Micro Center replaced the mobo this past sunday. New mobo (and new CPU just in case) replaced.

    System up and running as of yesterday evening.
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