AMD Radeon HD 8000 series

So I was going to buy a new card for Christmas but I caught wind of the 8k rumors
so I banked my cash and waited to see what happened.

Officially announced this morning, 8K's are on the way to manufacturers.

Price drops, speculative performance, hierarchy placement, etc etc.
Discuss ;)
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  1. just make sure you don't buy the OEM version, they are just rebadge 7000 series.
  2. Those are just rebranded 7000 series GPUs for OEM usage. If you look at the specs of those cards you will find that they are all identical to the current gen 7000 series cards. These are NOT what we will be seeing as the new Radeon 8000 series GPUs for the non-OEM PC desktop market in a couple of months (I assume).

    I have no idea why AMD has chosen to cause this confusion but maybe they have a plan. :)
    I'm pretty excited to see what they're gonna be bringing out. But it's not gonna be this crap.
  3. For Christmas? You are late, or is it for Christmas 2013? Then you have plenty of time to shop for a card. ;)

    But the new 8000 series for AMD or 700 series for nvidia shouldn't be released until a few months at least. And I wouldn't want to buy them the first day, too expensive prices on release date and potential bugs and non-mature drivers etc... I'll be on the market for a new card too but I'll probably wait next summer or maybe fall for the prices to drop and all the bugs to be fixed. Right now I have a GTX-460 1 GB (256-bit version) so it's not too bad I can wait.
  4. LOL like i said I banked my cash ... just cant decide to wait or go get a new card now.
  5. witnezz said:
    LOL like i said I banked my cash ... just cant decide to wait or go get a new card now.

    You'd probably do fine to wait, unless you happen to stumble across an incredible deal.
    Although one would expect prices to drop when new gen GPUs are released, it can take quite a while for it to happen, that's what happened last year anyways.
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