PC Fan randomly accelerates making humming sounds after I put my GF

I basically bought a new Graphics Card and successfully installed it on my Computer. Although sometimes it starts going really fast and making humming sounds for like 20 seconds and then the sound cuts off. I was wondering if my specs can handle the card or if I must buy anything else in order to. Please bear in mind that if I need to buy something else please suggest me the cheapest possible option.

My Specs:

Power supply: SL-500A ( 500W )

Motherboard: ASROCK G41MH/USB3

RAM: 6.02 GB DDR3

Hard Disk: 1TB 7002RPM or so ( not sure )

Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 650 1 GB N650-265 OC

Processor: Pentium Dual Core E5800 3.20 GHZ

Thanks in advice!
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  1. it must be because you card is heating...watch out for temps.

    also ensure that your cabinets has proper air flow and ventilation
  2. After restarting my PC. I played for a bit GTA IV Settings and open HWMonitor and the temps seemed pretty good. GPU 24o Celcius. CPU core 0 30 Celcius and 1 33 Celcius. Also the fan hasn't done that again since I restarted. Air flow is 25o Celcius. What could had happen?
  3. on newer gpu you find that the card bios must test to see that the fan is working. so at a cold post for about 30 sec to a min the gpu fan will max out then slow down. in windows with the newest drivers installed most new cards are set to 30-40 percent of there rated fan speed till they hit a temp set point. people like myself who game use msi afterburner to set the fan to go to max speed at a lower temp to keep the gpu cooler.
  4. check the temps when the fan is at full speed than revert back....its not a defect it seems.
    i believe its normal.

    +1 for smorizio
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