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Hyundai L70s color flickering

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
September 16, 2003 9:59:49 PM

I have just purchased Hyundai L70s from Fry's for $300. I thought I get a great deal for a 17" analog only LCD. Everything looks awesome until I run the Passmark's Monitor Test 2.1.
The monitor runs into problems in several tests that contain very fine lines with highly different contrast -- namely all those RGB gamma test and moire test. In moire test, with the part of the screen filled with very fine alternate B&W lines, the lines are just flicking in & out. If the pattern is less dense, it looks fine. Similiar behavior when testing the RGB gamma when the background has very fine alternative brightness lines. They just flickers.

I have run the Auto tune on the LCD with no help. Are these problems with the DAC in the monitor or perhaps from my very outdated pyro2 video card?

Will appreciate any comment and help.

October 7, 2003 5:24:13 PM

I have been thinking about getting the L70 myself outpost has a good price on it, so thanks for posting some of your test results. I have a diff VId card (ATI AIW 9000Pro) but I'm not sure if that would make much of a diff. I was wondering how does it look as in games or to the eye? can you see the probs?
The other LCD I'm looking at from outpost is the 17inch Sharp price is a little more but all other stats look a little better.