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I'm ordering HP Touch Screen d060Qd (intel Quad core i7 3.1Ghz with 10Gb RAM memory)but I forgot to upgrade the graphic card, another word it only come with integrated intel HD graphyc card :(. I tried to call them but HP will not able to upgrade my graphic card unless I returned or cancel this order & reorder another one. is anybody has problem running photoshop CS6 and / or Corel Video PRO. program.

PS: I'm doing photoshop CS6 with layer, and layer, ( really big file )
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  1. Most of photoshops work is cpu and ram based, not the video card. CS6 does have some accelerated features if you have a AMD or NVidia video card and if you plan to game at all, even a basic AMD or Nvidia ca rd will run circles around the intel one. The problem with that PC, is it's a all-in-one PC, making adding a video card later, probably a big chore to take the thing apart and limiting you to very small, slim profile cards as you can't put a big or normal card in there.

    So your choice, either cancel and upgrade now or deal with taking the thing apart (not as easy as taking apart a PC in a tower, be very limited in what graphic cards will fit in the thing, etc) or just deal with the intel graphics.

    Myself, I'd cancel the order, buy a touch monitor and build a tower that could run awesome for photoshop and gaming, for probably cheaper than you're paying, but if you want the all-in-one, small thing go for it. Just realize, they will get hot because of the small size, are a pain to work on, and will be expensive to get things like a new motherboard for.
  2. ^+1

    all in ones are merely laptops...but just a bit bigger in size.
    aio s are seriously on good
  3. Yes Photoshop doesn't require powerful video cards anymore. I've seen it run on computers with integrated graphics and I didn't see much difference compared to a PC with a powerful card for instance.
  4. according to HP, that pc gomes with 12Gb ram, not 10, and is upgradeable to 16gb. It also comes with a gt630m, not integrated as you stated, and its not upgradable.
  5. "
    Check it out: Adobe’s Adam Pratt writes,

    We post
    Cs6 System Requirements .Pdfbut we all know those are the minimum requirements to run the software. Professional customers demand better hardware specifications to get the maximum performance out of their investment in CS6, and this new
    Cs6 Hardware Recommendations
    document outlines recommended system configurations for different workflows for Mac, Windows, and notebook users."
    from a blog about Hardware Recommendations

    Posted by John Nack at 8:01 AM on July 02, 2012
  6. popatim said:
    according to HP, that pc gomes with 12Gb ram, not 10, and is upgradeable to 16gb. It also comes with a gt630m, not integrated as you stated, and its not upgradable.

    Click on there, go to customize and & buy and see the 10gb configuration and the fact that it comes stock with the intel HD graphics and other video cards are optional and please do some better research next time before you post something.
  7. Thank you all for the suggestions, I have canceled my HP order. How about Sony vaio l series with 16gb ram and it comes with nVidia GT620m, is it going to be enough to work on Cs6 & video software if I need it?
    Ps: I already have powerful enough pc tower, I just want to try a new technology all in one touch screen, and there isn't great touch screen that I like.
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