HD 7850 / 7850 iceQ / GTX 660 / 660 TFrzr

Please help me choose one from these video card

1. (Price in my country : $212)

2. (Price in my country : $232)

3. (Price in my country : $236)

4. (Price in my country : $260)

I really want to save my money that i don't need to spend, so help me pick one of these video card that "more worth it" than the others..

I'm overclocking GPU about just 5-20%, and i'll use this thing until 2-4 years in the future, so i want to keep it on it's optimal temperature so it's not broken easily

And i'm not planning to change it

I use this card to play new modern video game with 1920x1080 screen
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  1. I'd take option 4 without a doubt.
  2. is it really worth my money?

    Than 7850, iceQ, and GTX 660 ?
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    In general, I think the 660 beats out the 7850 around stock settings. Having said that, the 7850 should overclock better. It kind of depends how comfortable you are pushing those cards.

    I would take option 3 if you do not plan on overclocking much. I wouldn't spend the extra money on the MSI 660.
  4. +1 to option 3.
  5. I was gonna say option 3 if not overclocking, but OP did state he's gonna be overclocking, so that Twin Frozr cooler will work nicely for that.
  6. Plus, gonna be using it for 2-4 years. For that, the $24 is probably worth spending. Only if overclocking though as I say.
  7. Should i take 7850 iceQ and overclocked it


    gtx 660, but overclock it about 5% from stock speed

    I'm not bought any GPU cooler
  8. Like many others said get the 660 gtx, the zotac one, the price difference is too high in my opinion, get the zotac.
  9. option 3 imo. a 30$ excess isnt worth the trouble for a 660
  10. I wouldn't consider $24 high over 2-4 years (what else are you gonna spend it on?) but I'd agree that option 3 is a solid choice.
  11. Option 3 +1

    The stock fans aren't bad either. You can easily get a 10% OC on the reference 660 although the 7850 can be OCed to around 25% but its always better to buy the card that is faster at stock.
  12. +1 to deciding based on stock performance.

    You can never guarantee overclocks. Not every die that comes off the production line has the same amount of headroom - doesn't matter that it's the same model. You could say that 90% of a certain GPU will get a 5% overclock for example, 50% chance that it can gain 15% and 10% chance it can gain 25%. But there's never any guarantees on it. I saw a guy in the forums recently trying to RMA his cards because they weren't overclocking by the as much as other people were getting with the same model.
  13. the gtx660 is worth the extra over the 7850.
  14. LuTz said:
    Should i take 7850 iceQ and overclocked it


    gtx 660, but overclock it about 5% from stock speed

    I'm not bought any GPU cooler

    Like others have said, you can't count on overclocking potential. You would need a good overclock out of the 7850 for it to consistently beat the 660. At those prices, I would take option 3 and overclock it 5-10% if you can. You'll be very happy with it.
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