Basic PC upgrade advice needed - where do I start??!

Hi chaps.

I have a very (very) basic desktop PC that the kids have started to use for Gaming. They are only playing Blur, but the PC is strugging a bit.

I have absolutely naff all money to spend so are there any very crucial (and cheap) upgrades I could make based on the following current spec:

Win 7 64 bit
Intel Pentium G630 @ 2.7Ghz Dual Core
4.0GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics (1696MB shared system memory - 64Mb dedicated graphics)
500Gb HDD

I initially thought that the graphics would be the prime suspect, but thought I should ask people that know what there doing being spending any cash!!! Can I get away with buying the most basic Nvidia card (say for £20 or $20) and if so, would it actually make a difference!??


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  1. A dedicated graphics card will almost always be better than on board graphics and getting a graphics card is probably a good way to go.

    What is your motherboard and PSU?

    I suspect what you have is a PC from like Dell or HP etc, a prebuilt?

    Adding additional components to prebuilts can be difficult depending on the model.

    Problems that could occur are things such as graphics card not fitting, PSU not having enough power/connections to power it etc.

    I would try to go for one more than £20 though, something like 50 would be a better step.
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