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Hiya everyone

I don't know much about AMD CPU's so I decided to ask here instead of researching it for a few hours ;)

What are AMD CPU's are equivalent to the 3570k - 3770k CPU's in terms of raw performance and quality? Price isn't a consideration at the moment so don't take it into account.
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  1. fx-3850 is as good as you will really do.
  2. You can get a rough idea of how the different CPU's stack up in a gaming configuration in the link below.,3106-5.html
  3. Basically the 8350 is the best they offer but it is slightly behind the i5 in gaming.
  4. FX-8350(Vishera) and Phenom II X6 1100T(Thuban) are the best you're really going to get from AMD. The i5-3570K will outpace it in games, though.
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