My grandma can throw farther than my wireless signal...

I'm asking this question because I rarely see it be answered correctly and also to get some information on my router.

Now, I'm not a bandwidth fanatic, but anyone can setup a wireless connection, and with that

Here's the deal:

I can sit ANYWHERE in my apartment and get three to four other 5/5 bar signals from other apartments in the building. However, when I walk 20 feet away from my router, my speedtest literally goes from 15mb/s to 4 mb/s (I get 4/5 bars in my living room whilst still getting 5/5 bars from the same 3-4 other people's apartment). It's absolutely pathetic.

I have a Linksys e1200 N-Wireless router. Am I honestly doing something wrong by plugging this sucker into the wall and using it? Or, do I need to call timewarner and have a little heart to heart with them?
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  1. Try using another wireless channel.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Phil. How would I go about doing this? Again, I'm fairly new at altering wireless settings. Would this setting be specific to my exact router? Or is there a general settings in windows network places explorer that I have to mess with?

    Thanks again.
  3. You need to log into the router and change the channel.
  4. Thanks
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