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Bought a card or bought the farm?

Hey all,
So I was upgrading from my very descent 5750 to a 6850 on my
K9A2 and this new card, which i've tested multiple times, does nothing.
The bios beeps are:
1 short 1 long 2 short
So I remembered to uninstall the drivers for the previous, then I tried the new card aaaand...
Nothing displays and so I said well maybe I bumped something. I put the other card in and it's fine except it says "previous over-clock settings set to default" or something and after I log in it re-installed the old drivers.
So... any hope?
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  1. What make/model of PSU are you using? You did connect the external power (PCIe) connector to the HD6850, right? If so, make sure it is firmly "clicked" into place.
  2. well it's clicked but I shuffled the satas the cards and now... i can only get the bios up.
    so pcie 1= 6850
    pcie 2=5750
    sata were 3rd and 4rth slot so the first gpu would fit.
    PSU: RG630 S12

    these settings (excluding power to pcie 1, it just sat there in the slot) worked earlier today. played dishonored.
  3. Why both gpus? I would remove the 5750.
  4. i'll try that... 1 moment please
    will putting it in a x16 or an x8 make a difference? it's in the x16
  5. nothing on screen except for long beep then two short
  6. now it's short long short short having removed the 5750
  7. You removed all the drivers and the 5750 and put just the 6850 in the pciex16 slot and installed the new drivers for it?
  8. Yeah except it doesn't get past a warning and then bios. I'll try again and uninstall the drivers. I'm not sure the 5750 is working. It's like the bios are under a boot sequence that it does't like.
  9. The 5750 is back but i put the bios on fail-safe settings and i get a black screen with a flashing '_' symbol. I'll try the second slot since that is where I had it originally maybe?
  10. You want the 6850 right? like, you are upgrading to it? why are you putting the 5750 back in?
  11. because the 6850 gave me the "Warning!!! Previous overclock settings blah blah blah."
    and I thought i needed to change something in the bios but now it won't do anything after bios. boot order?
  12. You overclocked your previous card didnt you? So i believe it was just saying that your settings were going to change back to normal?

    I dont think boot order would be a problem since it wouldnt change with the install of a new graphics card.
  13. I pressed f7 or something and it loaded windows
    *psyche it did nothing but reboot
  14. Ok so you have no more problems? It's all working good?
  15. treven said:
    Ok so you have no more problems? It's all working good?

    no. it gave me an option to delete and then restore system date... but i didn't and can't reproduce it. it wasn't the f7 or other key
  16. The only keys i know of at boot are hmm F2, F8, F12 and somethings the delete key
  17. well right now my computer is probably too confused and scared to know what those mean. Are they for post and bios? i've tried those. there must be some setting that is wrong because windows 7 would load. the hardware is there. Ah, well. I'll get some sleep. everyone thanks so far. we'll see how this goes. I am anxious for any help!
  18. F8 should be system boot options, just press that when it prompts you and you should be able to boot to safe mode and try and troubleshoot
  19. treven said:
    F8 should be system boot options, just press that when it prompts you and you should be able to boot to safe mode and try and troubleshoot

    Just the warning!!! thing
    (I didn't overclock it was a used card) I got
    Only has the black screen and the blinking _ at top left.
  20. F8 doesn't work wattsoever
  21. hard reset your bios with motherboard jumper, only install the 6850 in 16x slot, try that. there is no point installing both cards it will only cause more problems.
  22. Specify
  23. Did that and had left 5750 in. Worked. So i tried it with the other one and nothing. The bios beep was the same though.
    I'm using a dvi to VGA converter but that hasn't been a problem for the 5750. The 6850 isn't displaying picture.
  24. Would that work?
  25. Hey I just remembered that another card did this a 9600 and am wondering of there is a comparability issue.
  26. Best answer
    If the HD6850 doesn't work by itself, then it is likely defective. Is it new or used?
  27. yes it's used but even the old card won't go back to normal now.
  28. okay i removed a hard drive and reinstalled windows. The old card is fine. I think I was given a faulty card. Thanks... unless there is a way to know the card is hosed or usable without me going through all that again.
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  30. The seller says it sounds like a software issue
  31. update your motherboard BIOS to latest version, it may be the problem.
  32. That is not a bad idea :o sometimes my mobo doesn't like updates. it's a k9a2 but that might not be the case anymore. I just had to to reinstal windows several times to try and address this pain. :sweat:
    which drivers ? there isn't a vga driver as of now nor pcie network drivers
    the amd chipset driver needs update.
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