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Building a SFF gaming PC

Noob warning. I'm just a 15 year old who just knows just *cough*enough*cough* about what PC components are.
I was wondering if I could use a 500w 1U power source with this kind of specs.
-Core i5 650
-8 GB Geil Leggera
-Gigabyte GTX 650 / Asus GTX 650 Ti
-Asus P75H55 M-LX Micro ATX Motherboard
-maybe three or more fans.
-A strip of 12v LED lights.
-500 GB HDD

I am planning to build a SFF Gaming PC case made out of only acrylics glued together.
Too poor to afford a Digital Storm Bolt lol. A staggering $2500?

IF anyone have any opinions please just tell me.
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  1. Are you saying either one of those graphics cards, or both? I don't think you want to SLI a regular 650 and a 650 Ti together.

    When you say a "1U" power supply, do you mean from a 1U server? You might be able to, but they are generally quite loud. I'd try to find a mini ITX power supply whice are available up to about 450W. That won't power an SLI setup, but it can power a single card that is pretty powerful.

    Keep grounding in mind when designing your non-metallic case.
  2. I'm not using a SLI setup for this kind of rig, I was going for either of those two cards.
    450w Mini ITX PSU? Does it support My rig above?

    Grounding becomes an issue now, sadly. I have no single knowledge of what should I do with it.
    My PC Case was going to be full acrylic, because currently it's the only material I can get a hold of.
    How about aluminum? Does it come cheaper than acrylic? I find acrylic quite expensive.

    Let's see if I could get my hands on aluminum. Does anybody here worked with aluminum before?
  3. You can save yourself some hassle and buy a bitfenix prodigy?
  4. camohanna said:
    You can save yourself some hassle and buy a bitfenix prodigy?

    I live in somewhere where those things are hard to come by.
  5. camohanna said:
    You can save yourself some hassle and buy a bitfenix prodigy?

    I have a microATX motherboard.
    That case is a mini ITX. Maybe suggesting more cases should me.
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    MicroATX won't get you into a SFF pc unless you are willing to use a low profile video card, and even then it is just thinner than a tower, not smaller. The highest end SFF video card readily available is the Radeon 7750, which is not bad, but near bottom end for gaming. MiniITX can get you into some small cube-like cases that can fit a full height card, but then you'd be replacing your MB.

    I would just look for a cheap micro-atx tower and call it a day. I agree the prospect of a tiny little powerhouse computer is cool, but it the end the cost and the tradeoffs are not worth it. That Digital Storm Bolt you references is an i3 with a GTX650 Ti. In a normal ATX case that's a $500 build, tops. They want $1000 for it because its small.
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