Possible to run an ATI 7990 on this PSU?

Hey guys, i recently acquired (won from a website) a Corsair AX760, which is able to provide up to 63Amps on the 12v rail, with a max rating of 756W for it, great PSU, very silent.

Thing is, there's a possibility for me to get an ATI 7990 from the US, and i was wondering if said PSU would be enough to run such a beast, or if i should aim a bit lower and get myself a 7970. I have a 7850 atm, but i have no intention of doing Crossfire, and will avoid it if necessary.

If anyone can let me know the precise power requirements for the 7990? i read the "minimum" was 850w, but i know a few guys who are running it on a 750w PSU, hence the question. If that is not enough, then i'll probably go for a single 7870GHZ edition.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Think you will be fine. The official minimum requirements are just to be safe for lower quality psu's. The psu you got is very good. But if you have enough for a 7990, buying a new psu shouldnt be a problem

    However, I think the 7970 would be a better buy.
  2. I've seen some benchmarks comparison with the 7970GHZ edition and it beat the 7990 in pretty much all stages, so that's another GPU i'm looking at atm.

    For the moment i have no intention of getting a new PSU, and the 7990 happens to be a great opportunity from a friend (amazing discount), but will probably get a similar (or greater) discount for a 7970.

    Either way, i'd love to know the full power requirement for that specific GPU.
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