Enabling Radeon 7670m on Sony Vaio

Hey everyone,

I just recently got this Vaio laptop model SVE14A27CXH which features a 2GB Radeon video card as well as onboard graphics. The problem is that games don't seem to use the Radeon card, every program uses the onboard. I've tried switching programs to high performance, changing power settings etc. and nothing seems to work. I've also read that this may be because Sony needs to release a new driver for switchable graphics on Windows 8.

I've contacted Sony and they basically told me to make sure I have all the updates, which I do. Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

More system info:
Intel i7
Windows 8
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  1. Lots of people are reporting even worse performance when running games under the 7670m than the 4000hd.
    Keep pestering Sony or take it back for something that works right.
  2. Wow, that's pretty lame. The 2GB video card was the main reason I got this laptop
  3. I'm just curious where you read about people having worse performance with the card enabled?
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