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Wrt300n and 3600hgv

I recently had an online chat with a guy from at&t uverse, who told me my new (if I purchased the plan) gateway would be compatible with both g and is compatible with wireless b and g...and will communicate with wireless n in g mode only (if the "installation" pages are correct.......). I wanted to know if it is possible to set up the gateway and router together but instead of letting the new one handle any connections, having the wrt300n (linksys) run the dhcp, in effect turning the gateway into a modem. The hard part I think being ddns and port forwarding.
if the above is not possible, is it possible to use the new gateway for my wired connections
netgear 4 port switch with ps3,ps2,xbox360,acer revo1600)
wd my sharespace nas
my windows 7 pc
and the router attached to the last port
then use the dhcp on the 2wire (from uverse) and let the linksys wireless handle (wireless only) all my other devices ....can the 2wire assign ip addresses for them?
psp 1001
psp 2001
3x dslite
1x ds
1x 3ds
1x dsiXL
2x d3-2 Nintendo wii s
acer revo 1600 (attached to living room tv)
pc in dining room (my older one :P)
will the things wirelessly attached be able to access the same network items as the ones wired, for example the acer in the living room gets all files it needs to playback from the wd nas.
Also, does anyone know what options the 2wire supports with regards to changing ip, ssid, wep key, ddns, port forwarding, and the like?
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    Based on trying to read through this forum post,

    it does not appear to be possible to do what you wanted to originally.

    You should be able to turn off the dhcp server on your router, and have those request passed to the att device so your router is basically a wireless switch. All devices should be able to access each other wired and wireless if your router is setup properly. I have no exp with the options on the 2wire devices, but would imagine it has all the basic stuff, except possibly ddns.
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