Crossfire issue

Ok so iv recently brought another XFX 6970 to go along side my other XFX 6970 to put them into crossfire once I had installed the second card I had a lot of issues trying to boot into windows for awhile it would just frezze on the windows logo but I have now managed to get into windows but now I have the smallest resolution I've tried everything I know

1. Format windows clean install of all drivers
2.reset bios to standered settings
3.flashed bios
4.tested both cards on there own (still get tiny resolution)
5. Installed all lastest drivers for everything

When I had just the single 6970 in I had full res 1920x1080p @ 120hz
The only way I can get 1920x1080 now is going into catalyst control and forcing the res on but only at 60hz and I have to do this everytime I boot

Pleeeease help this is driving me crazy

My specs are

Intel core i5 2500k
Asus sabertooth z77
2x AMD 6970
8 gig ram
850 gold standered PSU
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  1. Sorry forgot to add my monitor is Benq xl2024t
  2. Man the one to ask about this would be bigcyco1. I would like to firstly ask when you you boot up with both cards what resolution does it state?
  3. Did you check your resolution in your windows display settings? Maybe it got knocked
    down for some reason... I feel stupid for even asking, but might be worth checking.
  4. Yeah I have checked , when I boot up it's the lowest res there is cant remember the numbers but it can't get any lower
  5. bigshootr8 said:
    Man the one to ask about this would be bigcyco1. I would like to firstly ask when you you boot up with both cards what resolution does it state?

    bigcyco1 has SLI 670 PE! Have you tried another Crossfire Bridge Connector?? Are all the 6-pin power connectors connected to the cards?
  6. Yeah 6 pin and yes have got 2 bridge connectors and tried both
  7. Redeemer I was referring to the monitor that he has he has the same monitor if I'm not mistaken. I know what cards he has :)
  8. are you using D-DVI or Displayport?
  9. Using a dual link DVI cable also I didn't mention that I had a asus sound card just if that makes any dif
  10. Nope it shouldn't. Have you thought about setting your monitor to 60z and trying it in crossfire and seeing if the monitor still freaks out?
  11. Yep have tried that still get the same thing
  12. No ideas anyone :(
  13. if i go to update drivers for my monitor it says that is a generic non PnP monitor ?
  14. It should show up as something other than generic PnP monitor I would thing. Mine lists my model and everything.
  15. Also, I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner I had an emergency I had a screw fall into my power supply when I was cable managing had to take it out and apart well the fan grill off and shake it out was flipping balls.
  16. I can manually put in the benq drivers but I would think when I go update drivers an it goes to generic non PnP monitor it's not recognising what type of monitor it is because you can manually make it any type of monitor
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