GTX 660 or HD 7870

Games to be played - BF3, Crysis2 (&3 When it launches), Hitman, Batman, Far Cry.
Please suggest MSI Gtx 660 Twin Frozr 3 or Sapphire 7870 Ghz.
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    If you play Batman I would get the nvidia card. I feel you get similiar performance with both cards but you will get extra things with the nvidia card in that game that you simply can't get with a AMD card. Before I get people bashing me if you like what you see from what you get with the Nvidia card in batman then great if you don't the AMD solution will do just fine as well.

  2. BF3 likes NVIDIA cards better so I'd get the gtx 660.
  3. And, I would say to that they both do very well with BF3. There was a driver update a while back that pulled them much closer if not further in some areas so I wouldn't go that far.
  4. Its a toss up with your gaming selection, some of those games will favor Nvidia and others 7870. If your into overclocking than the 7870 will be faster and it can handle MSAA better too.
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