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What do you guys think are the best looking graphics cards that have ever been sold?

My personal favourites but im a bit biased as i own them as well XD

The GTX560 Ti Blower Edition from INNO3D
I couldnt be bothered getting the card out of my system so i just got an image of there website

Next is an old 9500GT from XFX
I have another card the same in another system waiting for an sli mother board for a core 2 Duo or a quad to make a high end machine from back when these cards were the best on the market and a period correct machine XD
This is my actual 9500GT i have a 9500GS in another machine as well

Get the images coming :)
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  1. dear god those are fugly :P I did the look of the 690 classy and elegant
  2. Looks like a space hog to me :P although the heatsink looks like someone stole the grill from a merc or someones porche
  3. Different strokes from different folks I prefer heatsinks that take the entire card up orange and yellow are a weird combo plus reference is blah
  4. :P i see what you mean i actually prefere the 9500gt but the ammount of grunt i get from the 560 is what makes me like it XD
  5. I like the design of the Asus cards to I would like to see more red and black themed cards its a great mix or blue and black which is kind of a msi thing.
  6. lol use code you nub :P jp! I like the design just needs more color those blocks could interchange red and black as an example. Or you know what I'd like a marble look like the razer naga hex.
  7. In my obviously completely unbiased opinion, MSI's new Lightning design for the 7970/680 is freakin' awesome... the black shroud/silver heat pipes/yellow accent/blue LEDs combine for a freakin sweet look in my case

    (not my rig obviously, but I think the card looks cooler powered on with the LEDs on... though I myself would never in a million years pair this card with a red mobo... yuck)
  8. I love Asus' DC2 coolers. I love em long and thick (LOL, no homo.)
  9. XD they look great
  10. Color wise lol what is that guy doing mixing a ASUS ROG board with a MSI card color wise of course. No its a good Color Scheme I like it. Would go nicely with something like.
  11. I wish that board had been released when I did my build :(

    I paired mine with this instead, and it works:
  12. Asrock has a similar theme :) Black and gold you did fine sir it works not like that picture above red and black with a black and yellow this isn't a wiz khalifa video :P
  13. My colour scheme in my build is the asus blue and black with the 560 XD
  14. so red black and orange on the graphics card and black and blue on the mobo lol
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