Best graphics card under $200?

this is my specs...
AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 550 Processor black edition
ECS GeForce 8000 series Motherboard
6 g memory..
windows 7 64 bit
what would be the best card for me.
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  1. What are you trying to get out of a graphics card? More screens, more fps in a game?
  2. That cpu is a low end old cpu, your best chance is a 7850 or 650 ti for less than 200$...
    I recommend also swapping the cpu for a better one, if your mobo supports it.
    Also keep in mind that you need a decent psu with 400-450w.
  3. He does not need a new CPU. Just unlock it, overclock it a little, and it will be fine
  4. Need to upgrade or get a new pc, hell I need to upgrade my pc to fully use the 7850.
    Try this one

    But if you really want it here is the big brother

    But for this one your gonna need at least a good 400watt psu.
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