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Hello, I just got a brand new pc and I am experiencing strange lines while playing games. I researched the web and I couldn't find any solutions. At first I thought that my graphic drivers were the problem so I updated them to the recent one. That didn't solve it. Tried forcing v-sync ON in the nVidia control panel. Didn't solve it. Tried using my TV as monitor via HDMI cable. Didn't solve it. Tried using the monitor on lower resolution with higher refresh rate 75 (on normal working resolution the monitor is 1366x768 with 60 hz) still nothing. Last I formated the PC and reinstalled everything and still nothing. I am getting out of solutions here so if anyone knows something please help me I'm desperate here. If something is wrong with the configuration I have the warranty so I can go and ask for some replacement.
The lines shows only on some games. I got the problems on : Dota 2 , Dragon Age 2, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3.
No lines on Call of Duty :Black Ops 2, Assassins Creed 2 : Brotherhood.
I recorded a video with the problem.
My configuration
ram: corsair 2x4gb ddr 3 1333 mhz
monitor : asus 19" vs197d led resolution 1366x768
graphic: ge force 550 3gb ddr3 192bit
mb: p8b75-m le
cpu: intel ivy bridge i5-3470 3.2ghz
atx: chassic elite 430 black 500w
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  1. That happened to my brother's old PS3 when the graphics card started crapping out. Try using a different monitor though. Then try using a new gpu in your system if one is available.
  2. If you are seeing lines or artifacts, then it is likely your graphic card. If you tried another monitor/cable and it still persists then it is likely the GPU.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for the help guys I will go and try to get new gpu from the dealer. I never thought that the gpu might be problem because it can handle the games with easy not heating at all ,I monitored the temp.
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